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Xi 'an Huatai Semiconductor Technology Co., LTD

China's heavy instruments from Xi 'an production, research and integration as stable as Mount Tai

  Xi 'an HUATECH SEMICONDUCTOR Technology Co., LTD (HUATECH SEMICONDUCTOR,INC, referred to as Huatech) is a chip design company focusing on analog/mixed signal。

  •      All products are positive design, the company has independent intellectual property rights
  •      A number of invention patents have been authorized and publicized, as well as a number of utility models and layout-wiring patent reserves

  Huatai has independent intellectual property rights and continuous innovation,Committed to providing the electronics industry with High Quality, High Performance, High Reliability and High Value Added IC ,Products are widely used in industrial and instrumentation, medical electronics, automotive electronics, communication systems, information security and consumer electronics and other fields。In the R&D team of Huatai, there are many R&D backbone from top semiconductor companies in Europe and the United States。With an average of about 18 years of IC research and development experience, Huatai has provided a solid technical foundation and established a world-class quality assurance system。The performance and quality of Huatai products can be comparable with similar products of world-class manufacturers, and some of its products are even better。

  Huatai is committed to establishing long-term mutually beneficial cooperative relations with customers, and wholeheartedly provide customers with 4H products and the best quality service。

  • Corporate vision
    Within 5 years to become China's first-class chip design company
  • Enterprise philosophy
    Enterprises, universities and research institutes promote the development of enterprises with talents and research results of scientific research institutions and universities
  • Enterprise mission
    Innovation in the high-end market, to create contributions for China core, to create value for customers, to cultivate outstanding talents, to take responsibility for the society